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This project is possible because of the mutual cooperation and passionate interest of our very diverse team. The kiteswarms team includes physicists, mathematicians and a whole bunch of engineers and designers, the different skillsets we need at the time to make this project fly.


Designing and constructing the hardware and software that we need for our endeavour

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Research the optimal trajectories and aerodynamics to control the system in real time

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Working on the future of wind energy to save our planet and ourselves from extinction

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At Kiteswarms, we are developing the future of wind energy. We are building vertically ascending kites that are interlinked and rise together to a great height with consistent wind conditions. This allows us to constantly harvest wind energy in abundance, compared to conventional wind turbines. We develop a disruptive technology in the energy market, to make our global energy needs green, safe and available for everyone.

Developing the future of wind energy


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